XMA FlexiPay FAQs

XMA FlexiPay is a bundled package which is designed to meet your exact needs, offering:

  • Flexible, predefined hardware and service bundles
  • Monthly cost similar to a mobile phone contract for the use of hardware, software and services

Who will benefit from XMA FlexiPay?

XMA FlexiPay is an ideal solution for Education, Government, Public Sector Customers through to large globals that are looking to:

  • Update their technology but do not have the cash to buy it upfront
  • Preserve cash for other business needs
  • Obtain a solution to meet IT needs including hardware, support software and general services
  • Refresh their IT technology at defined intervals to prevent obsolescence and disruptions in workflow

What is a print subscription?

Think of it like a mobile phone contract where monthly payments are made for a whole solution with hardware software and services.

Can I own the equipment?

Ultimately subscription is designed so you do not own the assets and you align the usage period to your usual life cycle period. This helps you stay up to date when you refresh at the end of the agreement. If ownership is still critical to you we can offer various finance options from Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Hire Purchase, Software Lease and Loan products.

How does XMA FlexiPay work?

You have to make payments to HP each month for 2-5 years depending on the term. At the end of the term, you return the devices and start fresh with new ones on a new subscription agreement. You never have to worry about the cost of managing old equipment.

Is this a lease?

No, this is a true subscription agreement and is defined as an "As A Service" solution.

XMA FlexiPay expensive?

Ultimately you are paying for use of a device over a defined period of time, this can actually sometimes work out cheaper than buying outright.

That's interesting, tell me more

FlexiPay is a new offering from XMA in partnership with HP – through this scheme you do not need to pay the entire amount up front, which improves your cash flow. At the end of the subscription term, you return the old hardware and start fresh with up-to-date technology. Another advantage of using XMA FlexiPay is that services and software can also be included in the package. There are several HP Care Pack Services and Usage services that help you focus more on your business and save out-of-the-pocket repair costs when your hardware breakdowns.